Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. - Maria Robin

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  • Angels of Humility – Book or Audio Theater


    This 9 hour audio drama features dialogue, music and sound effects to energize the listener’s imagination. The author and 29 actors and actresses combine their vocal skills to bring to life to over 100 characters including Jesus, angels and lots of yellow-eyed demons with wicked, sticky voices. It’s an audio book like you’ve never heard before.

  • Designer Bag – 225 5-star Reviews


    Julie, a self-centered, nominal “Christian”, headed for a weekend shopping binge finds her charmed life shattered when she sits with Jesus on a train to New York.

  • Need Help Writing Your Book?


    From web content to books and anything in between--the doctor is in!

  • Angels of Humility Study Guide


    The author provides personal examples, additional teachings, scriptures, web links to related videos and songs and many other captivating methods to help you grasp the full impact of this
    amazing story.