Angels of Humility Audio Theatre

This 9 hour audio drama features dialogue, music and sound effects to energize the listener’s imagination. The author and 29 actors and actresses combine their vocal skills to bring to life over 100 characters including Jesus, angels and lots of yellow-eyed demons with wicked, sticky voices. It’s an audio book like you’ve never heard before.

Angels of Humility pulls back the veil to expose the spiritual realm where angels and demons interact in the lives of two Christians.

Pastor Paul is a young seminary graduate called as interim pastor to a small rural church. Paul is full of zeal, but mostly for self-promotion. He sincerely loves the Lord but his past emotional wounds leave him vulnerable to his addiction to attention and affirmation. He constantly frustrates his angel, Saldu, who tries to steer him toward a humble attitude and God’s will.

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I will certainly pass it along

May the Lord Jesus infinitely bless your heart for writing this book ….Wow. I’m only through to page 50 and it has already blessed my heart and life many times. I will certainly pass it along. May the Holy Spirit continue to do the Lord’s glory through you. Hallelujah!

I repented, it really touched my heart

And for your story I loved it i cried, I repented, it really touched my heart…..It really spoke to my heart to not waste this life on our own agenda. thank you again. Oh do you have any other books in the making? I will spread the word just as my friend becky did with me. Jacqueline

Guided by Holy Spirit

excellently written… Guided by Holy Spirit..Story rings true…able to crawl into Sarah’s character and grow…terrific treatment of choice vs. free will, plus the issue of healing, plus the main issue of humility which is the bedrock of this book and our lives in Christ…shocked at some of the outworkings in Paul…the most supernaturally natural element to have the veil ripped away between the material and spiritual world. I know of no other book that covers prayer, praise and intercession as intimately and completely as ANGELS OF HUMILITY.

Thank you so much for the insight.

That was honestly the best book I have ever read in my entire life. I loved this book!!! It gave me such a great picture of what is happening in the spirit realm in response to my choices and prayers. Thank you so much for writing it…. I have been praying a lot as the
Lord has prompted me, but this book has made me understand more about the spiritual realm…. Now I am going to do it even more fervently. Thank you so much for the insight. This would make a wonderful Christian movie and I pray that it will become a movie one
day. Thank you again and may the Lord reward you graciously for being obedient to write a book that was inspired by Him. God bless

Your book has renewed my desire and passion for intercession!

I just wanted to thank you so much for your book. When I first became a believer about 3 years ago, I had a desperate passion for prayer and intercession. But as time progressed, the desire to pray declined, because I thought my prayers just were not making much of a difference. But only the Lord knows what our prayers can truly accomplish in the heavenly realm. Your book has renewed my desire and passion for intercession! I have passed it on to many of my friends and they were moved as much as I was. Thank you again.

I wept juicy tears of encouraged joy

I wept. I wept juicy tears of encouraged joy as I finished your Angels of Humility book… this story was as fresh oil to my lamp. Reading AOH deeply encouraged me to pray more and without hesitation in any and all situations. Knowing that the heavens are stirring at the utterance of a believer’s prayers and the might and glory of the Lord Jesus flashes as lightening when we pray has me desiring constant and unending prayer.
Thank you Jackie for sharing that invaluable story. It so richly blessed me! I have and will share it with others. Jackie, never stop sharing your talents with the body of Christ – the value is infinite! Shaun

It reminds me of the book Piercing the Darkness

I loved it! I am inspired! It reminds me of the book Piercing the Darkness, I forgot who wrote that but it was similar in the spiritual realm. I can’t pass your book on yet, I am going to read it again and then copy some of the sentence’s that mean most to me in a word.doc for my own prayer life. Thank you very much!

I cried, I was convicted, I was inspired

A member of our women’s council came in a few minutes ago and said she’d read the whole book already and LOVED it! (I gave it to her a week ago.) She said, “I cried, I was convicted, I was inspired, and it helped me relax and remember that the Garden Party is His project and whether there are 60 or 160 women there is His business. I’m so excited to see what He will do through it!” (She had been stressing over an outreach event she’s spearheading.) She said she’s already passed the book on to other people. God is using your book to speak His truth into people’s lives in a variety of ways. Thanks again for sharing this powerful glimpse into the heavenlies! As more comments come in I’ll be sure to pass them along to you. Joy

My husband couldn’t stop reading

THANK YOU for being obedient and writing that book! My husband is almost done reading the book and the other night (for the first time) I heard him Pray with such authority, I was just praising God for it!! I love to read and when I rave about a book enough my husband will try and get to it. This One he couldn’t put down!! Becky

You’ve given me an awesome picture of the unseen

I just finished AOH and it’s 1:45 in the morning. What a WONDERFUL thing you have done. God has been speaking to me each time I’ve sat down to read another section. I’ve been convicted,
encouraged, instructed, enthused, entertained and educated! You’ve given me an awesome picture of the unseen, and now I realize just how important it is to “take captive all thoughts”. I’m determined to have a renewed mind! I see, via this awesome story/teaching, the…worthlessness of the things of this world that remain in my life, and I just want to ditch it all to bring something of worth to His feet.
Thank you.

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