Angels of Humility Audio Theatre

This 9 hour audio drama features dialogue, music and sound effects to energize the listener’s imagination. The author and 29 actors and actresses combine their vocal skills to bring to life over 100 characters including Jesus, angels and lots of yellow-eyed demons with wicked, sticky voices. It’s an audio book like you’ve never heard before.

Angels of Humility pulls back the veil to expose the spiritual realm where angels and demons interact in the lives of two Christians.

Pastor Paul is a young seminary graduate called as interim pastor to a small rural church. Paul is full of zeal, but mostly for self-promotion. He sincerely loves the Lord but his past emotional wounds leave him vulnerable to his addiction to attention and affirmation. He constantly frustrates his angel, Saldu, who tries to steer him toward a humble attitude and God’s will.

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I will certainly pass it along

May the Lord Jesus infinitely bless your heart for writing this book ….Wow. I’m only through to page 50 and…


I repented, it really touched my heart

And for your story I loved it i cried, I repented, it really touched my heart…..It really spoke to my…


Guided by Holy Spirit

excellently written… Guided by Holy Spirit..Story rings true…able to crawl into Sarah’s character and grow…terrific treatment of choice vs. free…


Thank you so much for the insight.

That was honestly the best book I have ever read in my entire life. I loved this book!!! It gave…


Your book has renewed my desire and passion for intercession!

I just wanted to thank you so much for your book. When I first became a believer about 3 years…


I wept juicy tears of encouraged joy

I wept. I wept juicy tears of encouraged joy as I finished your Angels of Humility book… this story was…


It reminds me of the book Piercing the Darkness

I loved it! I am inspired! It reminds me of the book Piercing the Darkness, I forgot who wrote that…


I cried, I was convicted, I was inspired

A member of our women’s council came in a few minutes ago and said she’d read the whole book already…


My husband couldn’t stop reading

THANK YOU for being obedient and writing that book! My husband is almost done reading the book and the other…


You’ve given me an awesome picture of the unseen

I just finished AOH and it’s 1:45 in the morning. What a WONDERFUL thing you have done. God has been…


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