1. Judi

    I don’t know where I was to write this but I can not tell you how my I loved your books. They gave me so much. They also taught me so much in a very interesting way. I love reading the stories and learning at the same time. You are one of the best authors ever. Truly.
    Will you be writting any more books? Are there any other authors like your.
    Imagine learning with easy to read and enjoy stories. Not just another book that lectures forgive me. I also feel as though your book in the garbage dump should be in every school and church in the world to help us all out starting right from children. Can’t thank you enough for your books. Any more to read like yours please let me know. And keep writing you have an amazing gift.
    Thank you,
    Judi Hill

  2. Sheila Cheffen

    Hi Jackie, I just finished your book, : Angels of Humility. I absolutely loved it. I learned so much about the weapons the devil uses to trick us and confuse us. Wow! When I’m under attack, which we all are at some points in our lives, I can use your wisdom received from your book to recognize the spritual weapons being used against me and get myself back under control and back in line with God.

    I found your book that is autographed and had the insert at the Blind Thrift Store on Blue Ridge and Bannister. I am going back to see if I can find any other book or your or similar authors.

    Thanks for the book. It was wonderful!

  3. Theresa

    Lord Jesus I thank you for the complete healing ing my body. I believe in the complete manifestation of the healing my body! I thank you for what you are doing in my husbands life. Please continue to draw him closer to You. I love You Jesus! Amen!

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