Angels of Humility Audio Book



This complete, unabridged dramatic reading of Angels of Humility features dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener’s imagination come alive. The author and 26 actors and actresses combine their vocal skills to produce this original and creative audio drama. It’s an audio book like you’ve never heard before.

[dropcap] A[/dropcap] ngels of Humility pulls back the veil to expose the spiritual realm where angels and demons interact in the lives of two Christians.

Pastor Paul is a young seminary graduate called as interim pastor to a small rural church. Paul is full of zeal, but mostly for self-promotion. He sincerely loves the Lord but his past emotional wounds leave him vulnerable to his addiction to attention and affirmation. He constantly frustrates his angel, Saldu, who tries to steer him toward a humble attitude and God’s will.

$10 This is the audio version of the book – Angels of Humility. Upon confirmation of payment, a link to download the audio file of the book will be sent to you.


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