Angels of Humility Study Guide (e-book only)



Designed as a companion to the book or the audio theater recording. this fascinating study takes you deeper into the novel’s life-changing message. The lessons from the book’s 42 chapters are explored in much greater detail. The author provides personal examples, additional teachings, scriptures, web links to related videos and songs and many other captivating methods to help you grasp the full impact of this amazing story. Great emphasis is put on how the practical, daily application of these truths can transform your life. Great for a group study, too.

This product is only available as an e-book. Not available in paperback.

Price is $8 for the downloadable work book. Print it out or use it from your electronic device.


“Because of this study I am turning my worries and anxiety into prayers. Truly turning things over to God on a more consistent and regular basis is new behavior for me.”
Janet C.

“Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and evangelical group members all reported strengthened spiritual understanding. There is no question that we all grew in believing Christ’s love for us.”
Ralph J.

” All the questions/examples helped us see that God doesn’t limit the ways He wants to use us. I’ve found different avenues to understand my gifting better instead of letting it sit dormant.”
Dianne J.

“I learned the importance of intercession, humility, and living my life for God’s eternal realm. I will always remember that without humility I have no spiritual power, no intimacy with God, or favor of God on my life. I know what I have here on earth will remain here, and I will always strive to store up treasures in Heaven. I ask God to use the rest of my time here on earth doing whatever He desires of me!”
Ed L.

“I expanded my understanding of the Bible’s teaching and ways I can carry out God’s plans.”
Walter S.



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