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The Adequate Gatsby

To Maim a Mockingbird

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

The Little Engine That Gave Up

Men Are From Earth, So Are Women

The Lion, the Witch, and the Collapsable Hanging Household Organizer

Somebody's Kampf

Crime and Admonishment

VERY EXCITING BOOK: Angels of Humility

Click Listen and I’ll reward you by reading you the first chapter.



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  1. Steve

    I think we should include movies:
    “A Semi-Humorous Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”
    “Yours, Mine and Who Knows Whose That One Is”
    “Mr. Holland’s Opossum”
    “Half Way Around The World In 40 Days”
    “The Hunt For Pink October” (Don’t ask/Don’t tell)
    “The Devil Wears Pajamas”

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