[image width=”100″ height=”100″ align=”left” frame=”color”]http://www.jackiemacgirvin.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/chavda.png[/image]Jackie Macgirvin’s book Angels of Humility surpasses excellence. It is a glimpse beyond the veil into the realities of the spiritual realm. This excellent fiction makes your heart thrill and your hair stand on end as it explores the hardships of having faith while living in this world and the ecstasy waiting in the world beyond for those who have trusted Christ. Each page reverberates with the witness of the Spirit. Angels of Humility is for people of all ages who can read or be read to and who hope, believe or dread that there is Someone or something more out there! Run, do not walk, to get yours and one for the people you care about.

Bonnie Chavda, Hidden Power of a Woman

[image width=”100″ height=”100″ align=”left” frame=”color”]http://www.jackiemacgirvin.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/bickle.png[/image]Angels of Humility shows what one person, even a weak and unlikely one, can achieve for God. You’ll understand the importance of your prayers and actions, now and in eternity.

Jackie’s main goal is not to only entertain readers, but to impact their lifestyle in three areas:

  1. The only way to be exalted is through the low door called humility. Anyone can be great in God’s Kingdom—do small acts of kindness on a daily basis as unto Him. Unfortunately, dedicated Christians in the western Church are striving for prominence and position, the total opposite of Jesus’ example and commands.
  2. How you can pray without ceasing, even if you aren’t called to be a full-time intercessor. Your prayers (yes, yours) make a bigger impact than you can even imagine.
  3. The only thing that matters about your life is the evaluation you receive from the Lord when you die. There are two kingdoms; the visible and the invisible—don’t invest in the wrong one. You don’t want to experience regret and loss when your life is evaluated.

We know these things, but we are too easily distracted. As you read AOH it will become clear that you do not want to suffer loss on that day! This book will strengthen your resolve to live a life wholly abandoned to Him.

I recommend Angels of Humility to those who are hungry to grow in urgency, who want to be more disciplined in prayer, who want to increase in their understanding of how their daily choices make an eternal difference, and who want to begin or continue the life-long quest to be like our beautiful Savior who humbled Himself to take the form of a man, came to earth, and died on a cross.

Mike Bickle
Director, International House of Prayer
Kansas City, MO

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