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Hopefully these paragraphs below will bring you a few grins. It’s yet another reason to order Angels of Humility!

While most novels weigh less than half a pound, Angels of Humility brings you a full pound of reading enjoyment. That’s right, a full pound of entertainment, diversion, enjoyment, learning, inspiration and amusement right at your fingertips. And it contains over 94,000 carefully chosen words. At the sale price of $11.99 that’s a mere .01 of a cent, that’s less than 1/100th of a cent per carefully chosen and punctuated word!

In today’s tough economy you deserve a bargain and Angels of Humilityis just that.Where else can you get this type of entertainment value? (Possibly with Moby Dick or War and Peace but we won’t talk about those inexperienced authors.) But wait—there’s more. Don’t spend your gas and time driving to the bookstore; Angels of Humility is conveniently delivered right to your front door by a courteous employee of the United States Postal Service!

Jackie Macgirvin, MA

Unsolicited Endorsements:

“Wow, I almost sprained my wrist just picking this book up.

I. M. Nutty

“It was such a good story that I had to restrain myself from reading more than one eighth of an inch of pages each day.” O. My

When I was done with Angels of Humility I used it as a door stop! What a great value!

U. R. Silly

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